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January 2001 Membership 2001
SASTT board 2001
SASTT website
Corrosion of buried stainless steel
Trenchless technology: a southern African perspective
No-Dig International award 2001 nomination
International No-Dig Prague 2001 10-13 September 2001
Development of codes of practice and specifications for trenchless technology
China Hong Kong Society of Trenchless Technology
March 2001 Membership 2001
SASTT board 2001
SASTT annual general meeting
Development of codes of practice and specifications for trenchless technology
March 2001: no. 2 SASTT board 2001
Member care news
Development of codes of practice and specifications for trenchless technology
September 2001 TT standards seminar
No-Dig award 2000
No Dig Prague
September 2001: special edition No-Dig Award 2000: congratulations
October 2001 Jacking of large box culverts at Sasolburg
October 2001: no. 2 Guidance manual
Water conservation and demand management
Award: congratulations
November 2001 Site visit
Sewers for optical fiber networks
ISTT membership password
January 2002 AGM 2002
Non-invasive installation of optical fibre networks: development of ASTM standards
Report back: No-Dig Prague 2001
January 2002: no. 2 AGM 2002: Holes in the ground - managing your hidden assets
A little background of Edwin Varkevisser
February 2002 AGM 2002
Board members 2002
Site visits: Insitu-Pipelines
March 2002 (special) SASTT AGM: president’s report: year 2001
December 2002 Nominations for SASTT’s board
Farewell to Rachel
SASTT website
Membership fees for 2003
Diarise the 2003 AGM now
Series of talks and seminar in Natal
Launch of prestigious award for special contribution made to the development of trenchless technology in southern Africa
SASTT policy for supporting members who attend the annual International No-Dig conference and present a paper/s
September 2003 Seminar in Natal
Dedicated telephone line
Calendar of events
International No-Dig conference
Site visits
Standard documents
No-Dig Live SA
January 2004 SASTT AGM
Call for new board members
International events
Proposed seminar in the Cape
Standard documents
No-Dig Live SA
No-Dig 2004
Pipe ramming - a viable technique
July 2005 New blood for the SASTT board
Balanced representation on the SASTT board
The board members for 2005
Appointment of honorary director
Strategic direction for SASTT
Liaison meeting on trenchless technology
August 2005 Some technical advantages of using trenchless pipe installation techniques: part 1 of a series
September 2005 Mamelodi outfall sewer and tunnel in Tshwane
November 2005 Development of standard specifications for trenchless technology: a proposed funding mechanism
Upgrading of sewer in Blumberg Street, Industria
December 2005 Presentations at the conference Ageing water infrastructure systems available on CD
Are you receiving Trenchless-eNews?
No-Dig Down Under 2006
High-speed fulfilment of the mission of SASTT!
February 2006 The South African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association
August 2006 Buried-pipe maintenance and rehabilitation: my view of the future
Help! Our history is missing
Workshop held in Cape Town
Last (and late!) but not least: the SASTT board for 2006
November 2006 No-Dig Down-Under 2006: report-back and comment
March 2007 In-situ cleaning and (cured-in-place) pipeline protection using heavy-duty glass-flake linings applied by pigging techniques
What SASTT standard?
The SASTT board for 2007
Papers from International No-Dig 2006
May 2007 Online information resources for trenchless technology
October 2007 SASTT represented at the ISTT international board meeting and International No-Dig in Rome
October 2007: no. 2 Call for expression of interest to write standards for various aspects of trenchless technology
January 2008 SASTT’s new year starts with a bang
The annual general meeting of 2008
Utilities management - from a contractor’s perspective
March 2008 The annual general meeting held on 21 February 2008 – the condensed version
The SASTT code of conduct
April 2008 Using the pipe-bursting method in the Tshwane area to upgrade existing water reticulation
Standards for trenchless technology - comments invited
A new executive director for the ISTT
August 2008 The Klipspruit basin sewer upgrades within the city of Johannesburg – an application of trenchless technologies
New standard for pipe jacking: Request for comments
Who and what is the ISTT?
December 2008 “If you guys would just buy the equipment, we would probably give you trenchless work…”
Conference announcement: The first international conference on utility management and safety: ICUMAS 2009: Hong Kong
How does the global credit crunch affect you?
Did you receive the inaugural issue of Trenchless International?
The annual general meeting of SASTT
Best wishes for 2009
April 2009 A successful underground pipe-jack junction
A drilling course of note
May 2009 SASTT represented at the ISTT international board meeting and International No-Dig in Toronto
The membership of SASTT is changing
June 2009 Fisantekraal bulk sewer installation: 1000 mm dia steel pipe installation by means of pipe ramming
November 2009 ISTT/SASTT masterclasses to be organised in Southern Africa: suggestions please
Distribution of Trenchless International to local authorities
International trenchless technology conferences and training events
National events
March 2010 Trenchless Technologies cc scoops SASTT Award of Excellence
The installation of cables without sleeves by means of horizontal directional drilling
The ISTT No-Dig Award 2010
Call upon SASTT members to serve on a steering committee for TT standards
Encouragement for members to host site visits in collaboration with SASTT
Request for proposals to develop standards for various aspects of trenchless technology
August 2010 A letter to the editor: Thinking about TT standards
SASTT technical standard: Sliplining of pipes: Draft for comment
29th International No-Dig 2011 in Berlin: Call for papers
March 2011 The SASTT Award of Excellence for 2010: The Plumstead sewer rehabilitation, Phase 1
The annual general meeting for 2011: a lively meeting in Sandton
Prospectus for the International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology
July 2011 The International No-Dig 2011 conference and exhibition in Berlin, Germany
December 2011 No-Dig South Africa 2011: inaugural event gets off to a flying start
SASTT’s 20th anniversary on 28 February 2012
Using the logo of SASTT
Another benefit of SASTT membership: CPD assessment
Successful lecture organised by SASTT: The current status of pipe survey work by Graham Beattie
The annual "drilling school" of 2012
April 2012 A site visit, an annual general meeting and a birthday braai - all in one afternoon!
The SASTT award of excellence for 2011: The irrigation water pipeline for the Green Point Common
SASTT-TS-TT1:2010: The SASTT standard for sliplining of pipelines: DRAFT 2010-04-23
Call for a South African engineer to work on the establishment of an engineering initiative under UNESCO
Conference on marine waste water discharges and marine environment
August 2012 SASTT Photo of the Year Competition 2012
Creating awareness of TT among business associates
SASTT members give publicity to their work, but why not do more?
No-Dig South Africa 2014 and Bauma Africa 2013
Pipes VI
30th International No-Dig 2012 Sao Paulo
ISTT International No-Dig 2013: call for papers open
January 2013 The Construction Industry Development Board and the need for a separate class for trenchless technology type contracts: request for comments by the members of SASTT
The 2012 ISTT No-Dig Award winner from South Africa: Port Elizabeth Goes Trenchless
The International No-Dig 2013 Sydney: Call for abstracts extended
May 2013 Auger boring with a new machine
ISTT trenchless technology photo competition and sponsorship
Training course: Horizontal directional drilling for managers: a review
August 2013 Young trenchless superstar visits Cape Town
The Civilution Congress 2014
Exhibiting at the Civilution Congress 2014
November 2013 The international board meeting of the ISTT and the International No-Dig Down Under
A notable award for a member of SASTT: Nyeleti Consulting excels
Invitation to UKSTT annual awards dinner
November 2013 - 2nd edition ISTT trenchless technology photo competition and sponsorship
February 2014 No-Dig South Africa: call for papers
The annual general meeting of SASTT

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