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January 2011 IMIESA

Manhole launched directional drill
International products for local applications
A review of SASTT
No water. No problem

April 2011 IMIESA

The future in horizontal directional drilling
Raise your glass! Installation of compact pipe
Sewer project scoops coveted trenchless award
eThekwini’s world-class pilot project
Trenchless company acquires ‘monster’ boring machine
Pipeline technology is a gold mine
Advanced systems for internal pipe monitoring
Electric project sparks at CPR Awards

May/June 2011 Water&Sanitation Africa

Revolutionary long-distance CCTV inspections

July/August 2011 Water&Sanitation Africa

A challenge to the City of Cape Town
360 degree pipeline condition assessment
Trenchless technology used in AC project
Sewer project a winner
Largest of the range
Esorfranki amalgamates into centralised company

January/February 2012 Water&Sanitation Africa

No-Dig 2011 feedback
SASTT standards sponsorship
On track to exceed 2011 pipejacking targets

April 2012 IMIESA

No-Dig India Summit 2012
Swagelining: pipeline technology popular in Africa

July/August 2012 Water&Sanitation Africa

Umjindi Municipality's water pipeline network gets a facelift
SASTT Award of Excellence
Govan Mbeki sewer upgrade
Pipe ramming and directional drilling at Mossel Bay
eThekwini renovates its pipelines with compact pipe
Pipeline technology in Africa

September 2012 IMIESA

Sliplining Parktown’s ageing water pipeline infrastructure

January/February 2013 Water&Sanitation Africa

Downhole drilling success
A challenging context
Pipeline begins again - Durban's western aqueduct
Sliplining Parktown's ageing water pipeline infrastructure

April 2013 IMIESA

Local entity receives highest accolade
Downhole drilling success
Comparing costs: trenchless versus traditional

July/August 2013 Water&Sanitation Africa

Two decades of trenchless technology
Fast and efficient directional drilling
SASTT reaches 21
Preservation through innovation
Western Aqueduct back on track

September 2013 IMIESA

Overcoming constraints
Two decades of trenchless technology
Management course: HDD training initiative
The SASTT comes of age

Updated on 16 November 2013